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Friday, April 3, 2009

Louis Mini Zoo

Never smile at a Crocodille..:p

Before we headed out to Kuching, sempat jua kami ke Louis Mini Zoo in Tutong...First time there..siuk ada jua mainly because of the big, big Crocs ( not the shoe brand!! haha ) it was fun seeing them eating up a whole chicken..kesiannn ayam atu eh..jadi korban keganasan ish ish ish.. :P
Yang membari kesiannya are the Orang Utans, the mini zookeeper warned us not to get too close to the Orang Utans because they're grumpy and over sensitive..mostly because when visitors came to see them, some of the irresponsible ones kept throwing stuff at them like rocks and other things..We were scared at first because they kept on banging on the steel cages and huffing at us, but when we actually heard the story from the zookeeper, we kinda felt sad for them instead. What trauma must they've endured over the years?? Think about this when you guys look at these photos of them..:P


Orang Utan

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