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Monday, April 27, 2009

Asilati's 28th Brunch!!

Happy Birthday Asil!!!

We celebrated Asil's Birthday during brunch time at Emperor's Court located on the 3rd floor of HuaHo Manggis Mall last sunday. My wife invited the whole clan, hehe umm I can't seem to be able to elaborate more on the occasion because I'm kinda still full from eating up all of the delicious food!! :p 

Anyways, we all hope that Asil had a great time eating up her Winnie the Pooh lemon vanilla cake!!!..emm cos we sure did!! :p

Birthday Gurl..all smiles now. Let's eat CAKE!!

Wonderful n Colourful Day!!! :p

What's so funny Luv?

Sibuk sudah ni makan..better grab my seat..mana mo rugi :p

kids nowadays huh :p


Muka-muka kanyang :p

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Star Trails Shot

This was taken at the Danau Beach. Baik jua ada c-Wad mendagani. Coz this place nda jauh dari kubur. Mun sorang-sorang seram kali ah.....


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's go Kuching again!! :p

On our last day, my father was feeling a lot better ( got his appetite balik ). We took the family out for a steamboat dinner at a nearby eatery in Batu Tiga, Kuching. The eatery compound, currently co-owned by a chinese and malay restauranteur, consisted of three Halal restaurants.
The Banquet which serves dim-sum and other various chinese dishes, Mus Grill and Lounge served, grilled food ( quite similar to Charcoal in Brunei ) and lastly, After Five, which served barbecued seafood dishes. The great theme is that you can order any of the dishes from all of the three restaurants, at which ever restaurant you choose to dine in.

Since it was a clear night, we chose to dine outside and ordered dishes from Mus Grill and After Five Restaurant. The yummy Steamboat was priced at RM 100 for 4 person, there were eight of us, so we ordered two portions of Steamboat, but when the dish actually came, wow such BIG portion mah, we should have ordered one only. Hahaha. 
Mus's Lamb Chops and Cheese Fries portion were big and generous as well. Tapaw balik lah some of the remaining food. :p At least the journey back to Brunei, we won't be so lapar. ( note to self - must try the Dim-Sum next time! ) :p

Dim-Sum anyone??

Seafood Goodness.. :p

Grill-out time!! :p

Look at the food!!! banyak sekali!! :p

Muka kanyang :p

Mum (Nancy) and Dad (Mohd. Dani)

Sis ( Ana ), Brother in-law ( Lan ) and Shapul :p

One stop Seafood Paradise.. :p

The Spring and Four Points Hotel, Kuching


From Hot Spring to the Spring (hehe!!) the newly opened shopping mall is enormous, the shops are great!!! comprising of outlets from Esprit, MNG, Levi's, M.A.C there's also an Apple Store!! It's all here people..You don't have to travel to KL to enjoy this shopping experience..Just drop by to Kuching lah.. :p The Food Bazaar Area is also filled with restaurants like Secret Recipe, Starbucks, Big Apple Donuts etc..I'm hungry for more!!! :p

It is what it says it is.. :p

Love the Spring! :p

Have Korean Food, will eat!!!! :p

Senor Sariff celebrated his birthday ( tak tau le yang ke berapa..pasalnya rahsia!! yea right!! :p ) on Saturday, we all surprised him by spending the night at the Four Points, Sheraton Hotel. My wife had arranged with the Hotel Staff earlier for a complimentary surprise birthday cupcake and fruit ensemble to be put inside their room ( as usual she got her way!! ) . Thanks again Four Points Staff!!! 

Hope you had a great birthday Sariff!!! :p

The Hotel also had its grand opening recently, so the stay was very very good. The Deluxe room cost about Rm 235 ++ ( not bad eh, worth every penny ). Guess which hotel in Kuching is our favourite now??? :p

Cute :p

Points out of ten...BIG TEN!!! :p

Thumbs up for the service!! :p



Friday afternoon we went to the Hot Spring, situated in a secluded area in Annah Rais Village, the journey to the Hot Spring area took about 45 minutes by car. On the way, we also passed by Borneo Heights Resort, we didn't have enough time to go there so next time saja lah..:p
The place, to our surprise was well kept and clean. The unpolluted mountain air felt so refreshing, the stream water beside the hot spring was really cool, calm and welcoming. siuk lah..:p

On our next trip to Kuching, we made plans to go to the Hot Spring again, the lady who is in charge of maintaining the place, said that there is a barbeque area near the Hot Spring as well. ( Yay!! I'm so looking foward to our next trip!! :p ) . But, before we headed back home, we stopped by the Bidayuh Longhouse of Annah Rais ( there are no Iban Longhouses in Kuching area, in case you guys were wondering! :p ) and bought some souvenirs from one of the villagers. 

3 minutes short walk to the Hot Spring.. :p

Sampai dah..mamam lah keropok!! :p

One with nature.. :p

A view of the Hot Spring.. Look at the clear water!!!

Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse

We were welcomed by some villagers who offered us rice wine a.k.a Tuak. "You know who" drank three shots of it, and fell asleep in the car on our way back home..( kuat kali ah Buleeh!! ) :p

World famous Sarawak Pepper. :p

Old sewing machine.

Mcm banar ja beh :p

The Longhouse was quiet because most of the villagers work in Kuching..kalau weekend baru ia.. party time!!! :p

Some of the elders still sell souvenirs for tourists.

Weaving away.. :p

You can only guess what is in her hands.. :p

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

At Home in Quap, Kuching.


I was born and raised in Brunei and my family had just moved back to Kuching about 6 years ago. I do miss being with them but then, the whole family would usually come to Brunei to celebrate Hari Raya, during Sultan's Birthday celebration and sometimes during New Years..
That is the reason why we seldom go back to Kuching, so when we actually do go back, I love riding on my Dad's bike hehe.. as well as admiring my mother's flowers..

Early morning Gecko :p

Mari minum Teh Bunga..

DSC_0024 2
Well Done Mama!!

Morning Dew :p

Miaw!! :p

We are in Miaw!! :p

On the next day we strolled around Kuching town's Waterfront, the girls shopped a bit at first, then we went on one of the boats and paid the kind man RM 20 for a half hour sightseeing tour. Interesting and saddening facts that I heard from the boatman is that the government has made plans to demolish the old dockyard and wet market area to make way for the new Waterfront Hotel to accommodate the ever growing tourists in Kuching. Out with the old and in with the new eh.. No wonder it was so quiet in Kuching town that day, there were not as many boats near the docks like before, things do change fast around here.. oh well :p 

Peace from Kuching!!! :p

Kg. Melayu Mosque.

Brooke Dockyard soon to be demolished, the plot will be replaced by the new Waterfront Hotel ...sigh :p

Bringing tourist :p

Some of them ( boatmen ) live quite far away, so they do actually sleep in the boats... :p

My brother in-law mentioned the river is filled with paji inda kita tungkal kah? :p

Gunung Santubong shaped like a woman lying down. Legend says that the two quarreling princesses  
( Santubong and Sejinjang ) were turned into mountains by the King of Heaven. :p

The girls with their antics :p

Tribal Mask at Khatulistiwa cafe.

Gambir Asli....View with caution!!
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