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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's go Kuching again!! :p

On our last day, my father was feeling a lot better ( got his appetite balik ). We took the family out for a steamboat dinner at a nearby eatery in Batu Tiga, Kuching. The eatery compound, currently co-owned by a chinese and malay restauranteur, consisted of three Halal restaurants.
The Banquet which serves dim-sum and other various chinese dishes, Mus Grill and Lounge served, grilled food ( quite similar to Charcoal in Brunei ) and lastly, After Five, which served barbecued seafood dishes. The great theme is that you can order any of the dishes from all of the three restaurants, at which ever restaurant you choose to dine in.

Since it was a clear night, we chose to dine outside and ordered dishes from Mus Grill and After Five Restaurant. The yummy Steamboat was priced at RM 100 for 4 person, there were eight of us, so we ordered two portions of Steamboat, but when the dish actually came, wow such BIG portion mah, we should have ordered one only. Hahaha. 
Mus's Lamb Chops and Cheese Fries portion were big and generous as well. Tapaw balik lah some of the remaining food. :p At least the journey back to Brunei, we won't be so lapar. ( note to self - must try the Dim-Sum next time! ) :p

Dim-Sum anyone??

Seafood Goodness.. :p

Grill-out time!! :p

Look at the food!!! banyak sekali!! :p

Muka kanyang :p

Mum (Nancy) and Dad (Mohd. Dani)

Sis ( Ana ), Brother in-law ( Lan ) and Shapul :p

One stop Seafood Paradise.. :p

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