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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Miaw!! :p

We are in Miaw!! :p

On the next day we strolled around Kuching town's Waterfront, the girls shopped a bit at first, then we went on one of the boats and paid the kind man RM 20 for a half hour sightseeing tour. Interesting and saddening facts that I heard from the boatman is that the government has made plans to demolish the old dockyard and wet market area to make way for the new Waterfront Hotel to accommodate the ever growing tourists in Kuching. Out with the old and in with the new eh.. No wonder it was so quiet in Kuching town that day, there were not as many boats near the docks like before, things do change fast around here.. oh well :p 

Peace from Kuching!!! :p

Kg. Melayu Mosque.

Brooke Dockyard soon to be demolished, the plot will be replaced by the new Waterfront Hotel ...sigh :p

Bringing tourist :p

Some of them ( boatmen ) live quite far away, so they do actually sleep in the boats... :p

My brother in-law mentioned the river is filled with paji inda kita tungkal kah? :p

Gunung Santubong shaped like a woman lying down. Legend says that the two quarreling princesses  
( Santubong and Sejinjang ) were turned into mountains by the King of Heaven. :p

The girls with their antics :p

Tribal Mask at Khatulistiwa cafe.

Gambir Asli....View with caution!!

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