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Sunday, March 29, 2009

One day at Danau Beach


Sariff and I had nothing better to do while our other half was gossiping from the previous night events in the kitchen... (pompuan will be pompuan!! :p). So we both went to Danau beach and took these almost "ArtfuL" photos. I dedicate these to our friend 4calpoint who is currently enjoying his holiday getting snapshots of  Zoo Animals ( I can't wait for your uploads bro .. hehe :p ). You guys can check out Sariff's blog as well just click on the link RinGGo and Vicky's.. :p

There were a lot of people there actually since it's the last day of school term holidays, mostly bermain pasir and memancing.. I heard bubuk belambak this time of year...but didn't manage to get shots of that because ombak time atu was quite next quest???


Another day at Danau Beach.. :p

My personal favourite... :p


Ngaleh jua ku menunggu menatang ani keluar dari shellnya.. :P

This photo gives me the creeps ..erks.. :p

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