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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On The Road Again...

Somewhere in Bintulu another 144 km to Sibu!! :p

My wife suggested that we make an emergency road trip to Kuching, after my mother called me up and told me that my father was ill. Jaan and Sariff tagged along since they've never been to Kuching before. Packed a lot of food ( Pop Mie, Keropok and cans of Red Bull ) for the road trip. It took 11 solid hours for 800 km trip  to Kuching..( panat J**** ni!!!  haha :p , good thing jua Sariff jadi second driver tu, mun inda haha lagi panat!!! :p). Our journey starts in Miri at 8:30 am, and Alhamdullilah sampai at my place at 9:30pm. When we got there I was relieved that father got a little better..Phew!! 

We went on Wednesday and stayed till Sunday. We managed to go to a few places of interest. Kuching has been prospering nicely since our last visit there. Pictures of that will be up loaded soon. :p

Sunday morning at 4:30am we made the Journey back to Brunei ( packed with rempeyek, tempoyak and more Pop Mie!! hehe ).

Along the way, there were acres and acres of Sawit Plantation.

Pit stop..Mamam Time!! :p

We love Pop Mie!!!

Ciggy Break!! :p

Jauh lagi Nie!! Just look at the view..:p

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