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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Amir's And Nabil's Birthday Bash!!!

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

Birthday boys Nabil and Amir 2nd birthday were celebrated by close family last Thursday 26th February at Mum's place in Kuala Belait. My sis made loads of yummy dishes from BBQ chicken and pasta. My wife brought Satay and also made her chicken salad. Nana brought cake , mee goreng and nasi goreng for the event. Since the two boys were born only 2 days apart we thought we might as well celebrate their birthdays together. Nothing fancy with the celebration, we started out with doa selamat for all of our families then we ate and a little while later we played Uno Attack.

The highlight of the night was not the Uno Attack game but it was Farah's antics running around the house in her diaper..hehe :P

DSC_0052 2
Birthday boy Nabil Zuhair ( 26th February 2007 )

Birthday boy Mohd. Amir Ridwan ( 24th February 2007 )

Can we finish all the food kah?

DSC_0040 2
Just look at the food..Dig in everyone..Jangan lupa Bismillahirahmanirahim.

DSC_0039 2
Mee Goreng..YUMMS!!!

DSC_0068 2
Le' Cake :p

Happy Birthday to you both!!! :P

DSC_0084 2
Wawa Zul n Nana with Nabil and Farah.

Zulkarnaen's family one more addition on the way..:P

DSC_0035 2
Nabil kena gusti :P

DSC_0065 2
Nyumms..Spaghetti Bolognese!!! Ermm do I have something on my chinny chin chin?? :p

DSC_0064 2
Cute Lil' Amir pose..awww :p

The Jabing Aura's

Hmmph makin hari makin gauk..:p

Congratulations to Bedah and her new job!! :p

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Pines Restaurant, Brunei.

DSC_0120 3

On the last day of the Fisheries Carnival, my wife got a sudden Korean Food binge so she suggested we go and dine at this other Korean Restaurant located in Gadong. Usually we eat at the Koryo Restaurant in Kiulap, where we have been their regulars since 2005.
Since we love trying out new places to eat, bah apa lagi layan eh... :P

The Pines Restaurant actually offers 2 menus: Korean and Japanese. The Korean menu consists of the usual Korean BBQs and Noodles and Soups but they don't serve Ja Jang Myun which is my wife's favourite dish so she suggested that they add that dish in. (here's hoping that they would eventually!! :P). Another favourite Korean dish that my wife loves is the Ginseng Chicken soup (bekarih ia make this dish at home, just like the Ja Jang Myun Noodles as well..hehe). The Japanese menu consists of the normal sushi and sashimi dishes. Nonetheless, both menus are very very very yummy.. :P

So a very big Gam-Sah-Ham-Ni-Da to Pines Restaurant for the wonderful and delicious meal, we will come again!!! ( I think in the next few days..Stomach already grumbling!!! :P)

DSC_0119 2
The restaurant has loads of these cute mini figurines :P

DSC_0107 3
This is the yummy Ginseng Chicken Soup..:P

DSC_0090 2
Two sets of menu to choose from..Korean and Japanese..

DSC_0095 3
The complimentary side dishes..Yumsss

DSC_0114 2

DSC_0111 3
There were a lot of these mini dining rooms for added privacy.

DSC_0103 2
Tired and hungry after the Fisheries Carnival.. Let's Mamam... :P

Friday, February 20, 2009

Farah Arina's day out @ the RTB Carnival 2009!!!

Last Friday me, the missus and my baby girl Farah Arina dropped by the RTB Carnival just for fun..:P It has been a while since we went out, before doing our grocery shopping we stopped by ICC to have a look see, but we ended up mendulur Farah main arah arcade section haha..oh well :P

I'm going in ah, Babah!! Let's go Have Fun!! :P

This way to the Arcade kah???

Hullo Mr. Clown mana kan tempat main ani???? ohhh.. that wayyy..:P

Hmmm where to go now??? I see a bunch of people waiting for some Indonesian Actors..

Ok the clown said I should go this way right??

Haha found it!!! Jangan kacau Farah main ah!! :P

Bah kan concentrate ni..wanna get that cute CJ 7 doll!!

I wonder if Mama mau bali kan benda ni for me..:P

Nah menang CJ 7 doll yay!!!

Babah let's go home now cos I got my doll already.. :p

Friday, February 6, 2009

What a great 4 days we had during the recent Fisheries Carnival 2009. This year marks the the 7th year for the annual event that was set up and co-ordinated by the Fisheries Department of Brunei Darussalam.
The sole purpose of the event is to showcase and promote local businesses and products. 16,000 people came to support the 4 days event regardless of the situation that had engulfed most of Brunei's households, that had caused damage to properties due to flash floods, caused by heavy and continued rainfall in the state.

Every year our company participated in the event in hopes that the public will support our product ( we rear and sell Mexican Blue Shrimps ) which, to this day is mainly focused for local consumption through the local middlemen. This year my wife 'turun padang' to sell off the shrimps, and she gave a 2 days sample tasting of our shrimps which everybody loved. Although we were really tired from selling 4 days straight but, I just have to say that it was the best 4 days of  2009 for me :P and to my surprise and relief the amount of support given was better than I had expected. 

So I would like to sincerely thank the people who were know who you are hehehe and WE WILL DEFINITELY SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!! :p

Welcome to the Carnival!!! Let's have some fun!!! :P

My wife says: Ani Bapanya, Mamanya and her babies.. :P

Fishing competition was one of the activities offered.

Awas lai...krg tegugur..hehehe :P

Coconut Bowling Competition :P

One of the Perikanan officer belting out a tune.. quite entertaining..:P masuk tah P2F!!

Our pride and joy Mexican Blue Shrimps a.k.a Rostris

This year my wife thought up the idea of giving free sample tasting for the public. :P

Gigantic Shrimps anyone????

Maju jua business kami atu, it's not everyday that we could actually sell off our udangs like this ani tah masanya.. $10 per kilo!!! membali tah bu... :P

School children giving the event a thumbs up!! hehehe

The gals of MTU.. we love u Siti and Didi!!!

Selling live and freshly caught fish! :P

Celebrity Blogger..Reeda Malik a.k.a anakbrunei was there to support the event!

More happily running kids!!

No losers here..menang hadiah kali ah semua, from left Latif, James and my wife.

Thanks for the support MTU guys and gals! :P

We love this person so much for her endless advice and support, Director of Fisheries Department Hasnah bte. Ibrahim. :P

Dari Vietnam pun kan membali udang kami...:P

Wonderfully creative bruneian..chopper bicycle..LOL :P

Receiving our participation certs.

Mengumpat session with her friend Kerry from Makmal Perikanan.. antam tah kamu :P
KFC pun ada..hehehe

This sums up the whole 4 days.. wonderful and colourful!! :P

Jabing Aura Productions 2009