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Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Friday afternoon we went to the Hot Spring, situated in a secluded area in Annah Rais Village, the journey to the Hot Spring area took about 45 minutes by car. On the way, we also passed by Borneo Heights Resort, we didn't have enough time to go there so next time saja lah..:p
The place, to our surprise was well kept and clean. The unpolluted mountain air felt so refreshing, the stream water beside the hot spring was really cool, calm and welcoming. siuk lah..:p

On our next trip to Kuching, we made plans to go to the Hot Spring again, the lady who is in charge of maintaining the place, said that there is a barbeque area near the Hot Spring as well. ( Yay!! I'm so looking foward to our next trip!! :p ) . But, before we headed back home, we stopped by the Bidayuh Longhouse of Annah Rais ( there are no Iban Longhouses in Kuching area, in case you guys were wondering! :p ) and bought some souvenirs from one of the villagers. 

3 minutes short walk to the Hot Spring.. :p

Sampai dah..mamam lah keropok!! :p

One with nature.. :p

A view of the Hot Spring.. Look at the clear water!!!

Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse

We were welcomed by some villagers who offered us rice wine a.k.a Tuak. "You know who" drank three shots of it, and fell asleep in the car on our way back home..( kuat kali ah Buleeh!! ) :p

World famous Sarawak Pepper. :p

Old sewing machine.

Mcm banar ja beh :p

The Longhouse was quiet because most of the villagers work in Kuching..kalau weekend baru ia.. party time!!! :p

Some of the elders still sell souvenirs for tourists.

Weaving away.. :p

You can only guess what is in her hands.. :p

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