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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Raya Di Bekenu

With only 2 days left before my family returns to Kuching, we decided to beraya to Bekenu at my grandpa's house. He remarried a while back, and it has been a while since we all jengok him. Before, there was no road access to his place and we had to cross a small river to go to his house but now roads have been constructed, it's waay more accessible!!! So off we went on Saturday, the 3rd day of Syawal 1429H.

We woke up quite late..hehe. The plan was to go around 9am, but we started the journey at about 10.30am instead. We didn't have any breakfast yet... ( Farah had hers already, because she usually wakes up earlier than the rest of us! ).

It took us almost 3 hours to reach to his place, the scenery was great, the weather was great...unfortunately, kami LAPAR!!!! hehe :P

Grandpa has lots of stuff at his place, I mean lots..he may be old but I admire his strength...ia bekebun buah, sayur you name it.. it's all there.
This is just one of his hobbies, memelihara burung, he's such an avid fan of birds.
When we arrived biasalah, Farah and Shapul bermain sampai buka baju.. and merah padam muka. Kids will be kids I guess. 
But we were all sooo lapar that time, but Grandpa knew we were coming so ia masak macam-macam from sambal petai, to kerang sedut comlipents from his garden and the river in from of his house.
My wife and I rode around on my Grandpa's motorcycle..kampong style! She's usually scared to go on motorcycles, but after a few tries, she got the hang of it and now she decides to buy one for us to 'cruise-cruise' in Keramut.
Before we left we took some family! I didn't realize that there were a lot of us sudah..hehe. Grandpa as usual sempat bagi petai, and coconut muda for us to bring back. 

All and all, it was a fun day...would be more fun if durang Alus ( my cousin ) could have made the trip with us..but too bad for them.. and more fun for us!!  :P

Raya Di Keriam


This year's Raya my wife and I celebrated dengan kesederhanaan and juga penuh keshyukuran. To be able to still celebrate with our dear loved ones ( friends and family alike ) on such an auspicious day (1st Syawal) is truly a blessing, no doubt... and I gladly say Allhamdulilah ya Allah!! 

After K.B we had our Hari Raya Brunch yang di sediakkan oleh my dad, a chef that we imported from Kuching, hehe with our workers at the kolam. Then we went to Tutong for a Satay Feast catered by Nini Tutong.Ngah Aji and family weren't there when we arrived ( almost 2pm baru tah kan sampai arah Nini), because on the way there we got stuck at the photo studio in Pekan Tutong...hehe ambil family photo since my mom, dad, sis and lil' bro came over, ramai orang di sana so we had to wait.....shucks! Although inda sempat beraya to most of our relatives still jua meriah lah!!

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!!! Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

In the midst of our celebrating Syawal, I began to wonder on our loved ones that had passed on and left us.. sedih jua but life carries on, my journey Insyaallah with god's grace is still long, the chapters of our lives will be memorable and many. 

Always in our memories:
Ampuan Haji Yusof bin Ampuan Hj. Adul ( Nini Awan )
Simom Bte Mohd. Taib (Nini Bunai)
Ampuan Haji Mohamad Bin Ampuan Haji Yusof ( Babah )
Simpul Bin Haji Abd. Latif ( Nini Pong )
Ampuan Hj. ALi Bi Ampuan Hj. Yusof ( Chu' Buang )
Rabia bte Seli ( Nini Liang )
Shahmeran bin Mohamad

Semoga Allah mencucuri Rahmat and menempatkan mereka di Syurganya yang teratas... Amin! Al-Fathihah.

My Lastest Craze

I started early this year with my partner in crime Asapai Wad (who by the way is getting married this December 26th ... hehe time birthday Ambuk mercu kesayangan kami, Ammirul Rizal), and I am HOOKED!!! Had a few 'accidents' now and then but inda kira pasalnya SIOK kali ah!!!
I trained almost everyday using the DANAU track gained new friends along the way. But during Ramadhan slow down sikit pasal puasa but now I am back on the road again!

Just bought my new 'Baby' sometime in September on our last trip to Singapore..Frame nya saja sudah membari putus nyawa harganya. My wife picked the colour. Lain-lain component saya beli di Miri and a few di Singapore jua. Rasanya inda sabar kan balik Brunei, once I bought the final piece a.k.a the bike frame. Putting it all together took 4 SOLID hours and all I can say is saya sungguh-sungguh BERBANGGA!!! haha nada wah... :P Happy drooling everyone!

My Bike Specs
Brand: Cervelo
Model: 2009 R3
Weight: 7kg more or less
Component Highlights:
Fizik Arione Saddle.
Shimano Dura-Ace Shifters, Derailleurs, Brakes.
FSA K-Force light crank set+ ceramic bearing.
Mavic R-Sys Clincher Wheels.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mini Zoo

Our Pets!!!  The Cute, The Ugly and The One That can eat U Alive! :P

I was distracted tadi, with the monkey that lives di belakang rumah kami hehehe...siok-siok typing ada tia mamam buah di atas pokok kelapa in front our kitchen window... Di rumah ani bermacam-macam haiwan yang ada seperti, Cats, Birds, Tortoise, Monkeys, Biawak, Mr. Crocodile pun ada!!!  pokoknya macam-macam ada....Sejak-sejak I berblogging, I guess I just had to add this tribute to them!!!

Mr. Monkey Profile

Name: Monkey @ Ambuk.
DOB: Waalahuaklam.
Siblings: A lot sampai tak terkira
Place of Birth: In the Jungle of Keramut, Tutong.
Hobbies: Mengayau, relaxing on the coconut tree, swimming and jumping like a maniac on people's rooftops
Fav. Food: Indo Mee Talur + Bawang.
Fav. Drink: I've never seen him drink.. makan-makan saja tau nya.
Ambition: To become Human! Hahaha ;P

Syawal 2008

Syawal 1429H ani is the first time that my family came from Kuching to celebrate Raya in Brunei. So going down to Miri Airport to fetch them was well worth it!! And we had a chance to celebrate with with my grandfather in Bekenu together (will ceta-ceta in another post...yaaa sabar dulu), something that jarang2 sekali kami yaaay for us this year.

After bersalam-salaman with my parents. As usual we went to K.B to bersalam-salam with my other mom! She took real good care of me when I was younger and didn't know better and I love her very much...My Bro-in law Sarifful was not able to join us that day....duuiii kesian that's why my sis Jaan takde mood kan beraya..maklumlah newlyweds sentiasa kan BEKAPIT!!! telampau..hahaha :P 

And then we're off to Nini Tutong's house in Keriam..... to be continued.. :p

Lil' Farah Arina

Born on September 7th, 2005 at exactly 3.30pm. Our bundle of joy Farah Arina @ Arianna weighs at 2.8 kg. Time sure fly by fast, At 3, she now weighs 13 kg....barat udah hehe. You guys will see a lot of her pics here, because what can I say she is sooo darn CUTE!

Beginners Luck!!!

Who would've thought I, jabing aura would create a blog...I've finally done it!!...

So kamu-kamu yang inda percaya atu feel the AURA!!! Hahaha..oh well I just don't know how long I can keep on Blogging (it all depends, if I'm not too LAZY!!) cakap melayunya hangat-hangat tahi ayam! But I will try lah.

I've created this Blog for you guys so just enjoy it while it last!!

Peace Out!!

ps: If you wondering why I look sooo damn 80's, the app is called yearbook yourself just click on the link below my pic and 'have FUN makin FUN' of  yourselves..because my wife and I had a blast playing with this application.

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