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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Syawal 2008

Syawal 1429H ani is the first time that my family came from Kuching to celebrate Raya in Brunei. So going down to Miri Airport to fetch them was well worth it!! And we had a chance to celebrate with with my grandfather in Bekenu together (will ceta-ceta in another post...yaaa sabar dulu), something that jarang2 sekali kami yaaay for us this year.

After bersalam-salaman with my parents. As usual we went to K.B to bersalam-salam with my other mom! She took real good care of me when I was younger and didn't know better and I love her very much...My Bro-in law Sarifful was not able to join us that day....duuiii kesian that's why my sis Jaan takde mood kan beraya..maklumlah newlyweds sentiasa kan BEKAPIT!!! telampau..hahaha :P 

And then we're off to Nini Tutong's house in Keriam..... to be continued.. :p

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