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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mini Zoo

Our Pets!!!  The Cute, The Ugly and The One That can eat U Alive! :P

I was distracted tadi, with the monkey that lives di belakang rumah kami hehehe...siok-siok typing ada tia mamam buah di atas pokok kelapa in front our kitchen window... Di rumah ani bermacam-macam haiwan yang ada seperti, Cats, Birds, Tortoise, Monkeys, Biawak, Mr. Crocodile pun ada!!!  pokoknya macam-macam ada....Sejak-sejak I berblogging, I guess I just had to add this tribute to them!!!

Mr. Monkey Profile

Name: Monkey @ Ambuk.
DOB: Waalahuaklam.
Siblings: A lot sampai tak terkira
Place of Birth: In the Jungle of Keramut, Tutong.
Hobbies: Mengayau, relaxing on the coconut tree, swimming and jumping like a maniac on people's rooftops
Fav. Food: Indo Mee Talur + Bawang.
Fav. Drink: I've never seen him drink.. makan-makan saja tau nya.
Ambition: To become Human! Hahaha ;P

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