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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Raya Di Bekenu

With only 2 days left before my family returns to Kuching, we decided to beraya to Bekenu at my grandpa's house. He remarried a while back, and it has been a while since we all jengok him. Before, there was no road access to his place and we had to cross a small river to go to his house but now roads have been constructed, it's waay more accessible!!! So off we went on Saturday, the 3rd day of Syawal 1429H.

We woke up quite late..hehe. The plan was to go around 9am, but we started the journey at about 10.30am instead. We didn't have any breakfast yet... ( Farah had hers already, because she usually wakes up earlier than the rest of us! ).

It took us almost 3 hours to reach to his place, the scenery was great, the weather was great...unfortunately, kami LAPAR!!!! hehe :P

Grandpa has lots of stuff at his place, I mean lots..he may be old but I admire his strength...ia bekebun buah, sayur you name it.. it's all there.
This is just one of his hobbies, memelihara burung, he's such an avid fan of birds.
When we arrived biasalah, Farah and Shapul bermain sampai buka baju.. and merah padam muka. Kids will be kids I guess. 
But we were all sooo lapar that time, but Grandpa knew we were coming so ia masak macam-macam from sambal petai, to kerang sedut comlipents from his garden and the river in from of his house.
My wife and I rode around on my Grandpa's motorcycle..kampong style! She's usually scared to go on motorcycles, but after a few tries, she got the hang of it and now she decides to buy one for us to 'cruise-cruise' in Keramut.
Before we left we took some family! I didn't realize that there were a lot of us sudah..hehe. Grandpa as usual sempat bagi petai, and coconut muda for us to bring back. 

All and all, it was a fun day...would be more fun if durang Alus ( my cousin ) could have made the trip with us..but too bad for them.. and more fun for us!!  :P

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