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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kampung Ayer Shots..


During Nabil and Amir's birthday party, Bedah told us that she has made it through the rigorous placement
interviews and fitness tests, and that she will start her training for her new job in Bandar soon. She told us that she was going to stay at her brother's house for the duration of the training...which was located in Kampung Ayer, Bandar Seri Begawan.

Excited, Sariff and I and of course Wad ( Siapa jua lagi kan ku minta dangankan mengankut barang-barang si Bedah..hahah ) went together to escort Bedah and Amir to her brother's place in Kampung Ayer. Dengan penuh semangat ( sakai lang banarnya..hehe :p ) kami pakai water taxis ke sana..aiseh macam tourist rasanya pasalnya balum pernah ke sana hahaha!!

Isabella adalah...

Good luck on your new job Bedah!!! :p

Water Village Mosque
Hello what is your name? greeted the kids to Sariff, ada muka mcm Orang Puteh kah?? haha :P  

Water Taxi bringing tourists around Kampung Ayer. Siuk jua usulnya!!!

Sunyi nye..:p

Bantal buruk siapa kah ini?? bantal buruk c Myra hehe :p

Ada-ada saja..Haha! :p

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