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Monday, August 24, 2009

The people behind the scenes :p


We spent most of our days at Ngah Aji's residence in Keriam, Tutong berkumpul with our close family just to memeriahkan the suasana to celebrate and commemorate Azmi and Aziah's wedding. The days and night's were packed with entertainment like Karaoke sessions, ber-mukun sessions, bingo and lucky draw not forgetting the 'unforgettable' POCO-POCO dance performed by our dear aunts, uncles and cousins who had always been good sports :p ... pokoknya banyak lah activities that we've done right up to the day of the "bersanding" was tiring but well worth it! With the stage well built by Ngah Aji, it was like going to perayaan di padang!! haha.. :p

We hope that everybody truly enjoyed themselves throughout the weeks leading to the persandingan ceremony!! you guys ROCK!! :p

Ngah Aji actually built a stage (good job Ngah!! :p) for us to the pentas di padang this year I must say!! :p

The dance troupe - anak didik Ejah :p

The dancers ( cousins: Zati, Baby and Didie ) entertaining the crowd before the ceremony. :p

Saturday Nite Lucky Draw!!...and the boys also had their chance to entertain everyone! 
Steady Waqiuddin and Hadi (poco-poco leader!) :p

Every night is Mukun Nite for these folks..haha led by Mummy and Bu' Neh! :p

Bermukun on the Sanding Ceremony. :p

Chu' Nai on the Dance Floor!! Hehe Not forgetting Bu' Mit..Half poco-poco and joget ni :p

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