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Monday, August 24, 2009

Malam Berbedak 14.08.09


Normas Aizah's berbedak ceremony was filled with laughter as usual..hehe memang jua riuh kalau bekumpul ( an experience that I have come to enjoy and anticipate every time we meet up! :p ) and I bet, sekampung kedangaran keriuhan malam atu. But, I must say, I was a bit worried for Aizah as she was still parading around the house with the heavy 'Si Naga' head-dress having her pictures taken by the hired photographers and of course by me, long after the ceremony ended. ( Ejah kau memang JAGUH begambar!! haha!! :p ). But come to think of it, you girls only have to wear this once in your lifetime. :p

Renjis-Renjis :p

The lovely Bride Normas Aizah bte Ahmad Hizazi.

The Cousins :p

Highlight malam atu when Rijal suddenly buat ENTER FRAME!!! :p

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