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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Pines Restaurant, Brunei.

DSC_0120 3

On the last day of the Fisheries Carnival, my wife got a sudden Korean Food binge so she suggested we go and dine at this other Korean Restaurant located in Gadong. Usually we eat at the Koryo Restaurant in Kiulap, where we have been their regulars since 2005.
Since we love trying out new places to eat, bah apa lagi layan eh... :P

The Pines Restaurant actually offers 2 menus: Korean and Japanese. The Korean menu consists of the usual Korean BBQs and Noodles and Soups but they don't serve Ja Jang Myun which is my wife's favourite dish so she suggested that they add that dish in. (here's hoping that they would eventually!! :P). Another favourite Korean dish that my wife loves is the Ginseng Chicken soup (bekarih ia make this dish at home, just like the Ja Jang Myun Noodles as well..hehe). The Japanese menu consists of the normal sushi and sashimi dishes. Nonetheless, both menus are very very very yummy.. :P

So a very big Gam-Sah-Ham-Ni-Da to Pines Restaurant for the wonderful and delicious meal, we will come again!!! ( I think in the next few days..Stomach already grumbling!!! :P)

DSC_0119 2
The restaurant has loads of these cute mini figurines :P

DSC_0107 3
This is the yummy Ginseng Chicken Soup..:P

DSC_0090 2
Two sets of menu to choose from..Korean and Japanese..

DSC_0095 3
The complimentary side dishes..Yumsss

DSC_0114 2

DSC_0111 3
There were a lot of these mini dining rooms for added privacy.

DSC_0103 2
Tired and hungry after the Fisheries Carnival.. Let's Mamam... :P

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