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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Amir's And Nabil's Birthday Bash!!!

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

Birthday boys Nabil and Amir 2nd birthday were celebrated by close family last Thursday 26th February at Mum's place in Kuala Belait. My sis made loads of yummy dishes from BBQ chicken and pasta. My wife brought Satay and also made her chicken salad. Nana brought cake , mee goreng and nasi goreng for the event. Since the two boys were born only 2 days apart we thought we might as well celebrate their birthdays together. Nothing fancy with the celebration, we started out with doa selamat for all of our families then we ate and a little while later we played Uno Attack.

The highlight of the night was not the Uno Attack game but it was Farah's antics running around the house in her diaper..hehe :P

DSC_0052 2
Birthday boy Nabil Zuhair ( 26th February 2007 )

Birthday boy Mohd. Amir Ridwan ( 24th February 2007 )

Can we finish all the food kah?

DSC_0040 2
Just look at the food..Dig in everyone..Jangan lupa Bismillahirahmanirahim.

DSC_0039 2
Mee Goreng..YUMMS!!!

DSC_0068 2
Le' Cake :p

Happy Birthday to you both!!! :P

DSC_0084 2
Wawa Zul n Nana with Nabil and Farah.

Zulkarnaen's family one more addition on the way..:P

DSC_0035 2
Nabil kena gusti :P

DSC_0065 2
Nyumms..Spaghetti Bolognese!!! Ermm do I have something on my chinny chin chin?? :p

DSC_0064 2
Cute Lil' Amir pose..awww :p

The Jabing Aura's

Hmmph makin hari makin gauk..:p

Congratulations to Bedah and her new job!! :p

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