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Friday, February 20, 2009

Farah Arina's day out @ the RTB Carnival 2009!!!

Last Friday me, the missus and my baby girl Farah Arina dropped by the RTB Carnival just for fun..:P It has been a while since we went out, before doing our grocery shopping we stopped by ICC to have a look see, but we ended up mendulur Farah main arah arcade section haha..oh well :P

I'm going in ah, Babah!! Let's go Have Fun!! :P

This way to the Arcade kah???

Hullo Mr. Clown mana kan tempat main ani???? ohhh.. that wayyy..:P

Hmmm where to go now??? I see a bunch of people waiting for some Indonesian Actors..

Ok the clown said I should go this way right??

Haha found it!!! Jangan kacau Farah main ah!! :P

Bah kan concentrate ni..wanna get that cute CJ 7 doll!!

I wonder if Mama mau bali kan benda ni for me..:P

Nah menang CJ 7 doll yay!!!

Babah let's go home now cos I got my doll already.. :p

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